With a heritage spanning back 20 years, American Vehicle Sales have been performing quality Right Hand Drive conversions on a range of American Vehicles. Throughout the years technology has evolved enabling us to craft vehicles of the highest possible standard, often making improvements on the original left hand drive product.

The right hand conversion process is somewhat of a major undertaking. It involves the removal of almost all of the vehicles interior, the fitment of new firewall sections, wiring and ventilation to allow for the new right hand drive steering.

Our Camaro conversion includes a completely new dashboard, we do not “cut and shut” the original dash. This brand new dash is crafted to look as if the vehicle has come from the factory with the steering wheel on the right. We handle different models of dashboard with specialized mouldings for both the 2010-2011 and the 2012+ models. This includes the tooling to handle the leather and suede stitched sections found in the later model vehicles.  

During the conversion process the factory heating and ventilation system is re-engineered to mount on what is now the passengers side of the vehicle. Our ventilation system is engineered to reutilize the fresh air filter, an item which is often overlooked. To ensure a that original air conditioning performance is retained factory size and shape of ducting is retained plus the addition of insulation and heat shielding to keep engine bay temperature away from the AC unit.

Chevrolet Camaro’s run two types of steering; the 2010-2012 LT and SS models run a hydraulically assisted steering rack while all 2013 onwards vehicles and all ZL1 models run the more complicated Electronically Assisted steering rack. American Vehicle Sales have right hand drive solutions for both of these systems that completely replace the left hand drive units with new racks that retain full factory feel and steering geometry.

To ensure that your vehicle appears to have been built factory right hand drive, we spend a great deal of time re-engineering headlamps and tail lamps to meet strict Australian standards. We don’t simply fit a rear indicator to the rear bumper spoiling the appearance of your vehicle, we graft an amber turn signal into your original lamp, creating a factory appearance  light that complies to Australian Standards.
Headlamps are also modified to comply for Australian use, this ensures that you’re not blinding oncoming traffic with the original US spec headlamps. Our unique modification process allows for the retention of the appearance  factory RS Halo headlight while complying to standards.

All Camaro modifications are completed in our head office located in Melbourne, Australia. To arrange a factory tour and view the quality of our workmanship please contact us on 03 9765 1300.
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